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How does the mining machine work

How does the mining machine work

A. How does the mining machine operate and how to cash out bitcoin  

Mining is certainly the first professional mining machine, many new entry children's shoes will choose to use graphics card mining, but graphics card mining is like using "all kinds of balm" to do a professional thing, can also do, but the efficiency is not high.  Mining bitcoin, the primary concern is a few points, one calculation force (namely mining speed), two power consumption, three stable performance.  Computing power, bitcoin mining than the speed of problem solving, so the speed is self-evident;  Power consumption is directly related to efficiency, which is the problem of cost expenditure;  Stable performance, mainly depends on the stability of the calculation force when the working frequency is unchanged.  Just think about it, no one wants the mining machine to fail every once in a while or even break down, after all, it is money  

The graphics card generally has several gigabytes of computing power, while the professional mining machine chip is as high as several thousand gigabytes. Taking the current chip BM1387 with the lowest power consumption in the world as an example, the ant mining machine S9 equipped with it has as high as 14T of computing power, and the wall power consumption is only 1400W. The rated computing power also reaches ±5% of 13.5 TH/s.  Power efficiency is 0.1J/GH + 12% (wall, 93% AC/DC efficiency, 25°C ambient temperature), rated voltage:  11.6~13.0V. In addition, in the case of independent power supply, three power plates can be connected to different power supplies respectively, but each power plate can not be connected to multiple power supplies, and ensure that the power plate is energized at last.  

Among mining machines, ANT mining machine is my favorite. At the same time, based on the average investment cost of bitcoin in the early stage, ant S9 can fully recover its capital in about five months, and the income in the later stage is inestimable.  

B. How and on what platform is the mining done  

Mining chip has experienced FROM CPU mining to GPU mining to FPGA mining, and now enters the ERA of ASIC mining.  However, the way of mining has also experienced from one or two mining machines to small mining machine workshops, and now into the era of large-scale mining.  

(1) Mining method: from a mining machine to a large-scale mine.  

If you're going to try mining, you'll need a mining machine, an internet-connected computer, an AUC, a raspberry PI, power supplies, cables, etc.  The connection order of various devices is network cable -> Raspberry PI ->MicroUSB wire ->AUC->4PIN wire -> mining machine and power supply.  

C. How does the Bitcoin mining machine work  

Mining is the process of increasing the supply of bitcoin money while protecting the system from fraudulent transactions. Miners provide computing power to the bitcoin network in exchange for the chance to receive bitcoin rewards.  

D. What is the working principle of IPFS mining machine  

IPFS Filecoin has two types of miners: store and retrieve miners, because retrieving miners is very network demanding.  And generally like retail investors can participate in the storage miner, storage miner is to rent storage space.  

IPFS miners are not so much mining as charging rent.  Why do you say so?  If a user needs storage, the miner will rent out the memory of the mine for storage, and the user will pay the miner Filecoin.  

The working principle is simple: the user's storage demand is equivalent to didi kuanyi, and what miners do is to grab orders, the closer the distance, the more priority.  Where are the most crowded users, must be Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, so away from the miners have a natural advantage.  

Compared with traditional mining machines, IPFS mining machines like Interstellar Oyun have advantages.  It doesn't require a lot of computation, it doesn't make much noise, it uses little power, and it's almost perfect.  Even renting out storage space is a bit of a sharing economy, but it also requires miners to have better Internet speeds and hard drives, leveling the playing field and contributing well to the development of the whole ecology.  

E. What is a Bitcoin mining machine  

Bitcoin mining machine, is used to earn bitcoin computer, this kind of computer generally has a professional mining chip, mostly using the way of burning video cards to work, large power consumption.  One way to obtain bitcoins is by downloading software on a personal computer and running a specific algorithm to communicate with a remote server to get the corresponding bitcoins.  

Mining is actually a competition of performance, equipment and calculation power among miners. Miners with more calculation power are more likely to find bitcoin.  With the rise of the whole network computing power, it is more and more difficult to mine bits with traditional equipment (CPU, GPU), so people develop chips specially used for mining.  Chip is the core part of mining machine.  The process of running the chip generates a lot of heat. To cool down, bitcoin mining machines are usually equipped with heat sinks and fans.  

(5) How to operate the mining machine  

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Bitcoin mining is a process of using computer hardware to perform mathematical operations on the Bitcoin network. Miners are paid for their services.  

Bitcoin mining started with low-cost hardware such as cpus or Gpus, but the process has changed dramatically as bitcoin has become more popular.  Today, the mining activity has moved to the field programmable gate array, which is optimized to achieve hashing speed. This mode of mining is very efficient.  

F. How does a Bitcoin machine work  

Many friends are unfamiliar with the computing power of Bitcoin, the mining machine of bitcoin and the rate of return of mining. Here we will introduce the operation mechanism between Bitcoin and blockchain records in detail.  First of all, what is blockchain?  We can put it as a distributed books and form a corresponding credit network, everyone in the network behavior can be recorded on the chain, and support the validation and retrospective investigation, multiple linked together to form the block, and is responsible for the information recorded on the chain we call it a miner.  

So see here, I believe you will be able to understand what is bitcoin computing power, what is bitcoin mining?  In addition, the current mine basically has been monopoly by big institutions, or so-called entry barrier is very high, no millions of dollars of investment or tens of millions of investment, basically in the current COINS belong to retail investors, in the mining industry and retail miners often volatile because calculate force and the increasing cost of electricity to make ends meet and give up mining.  

G. What is the configuration of the so-called mining machine  

Mining machine according to different projects may not be the same emphasis.  Take IPFS mining machine configuration as an example, generally will use AMD Xiaolong 7302 such server level CPU;  Graphics card uses Nvidia 2080Ti, this can be based on the public version of different factory production;  Seagate enterprise hard disk in the majority, large capacity, reliability, can be 7*24 hours long operation.  

H. How does a bitcoin mining machine work  

Mining bitcoin, the primary concern is a few points, a calculation force, two power consumption, three stable performance.  Work force,  

Bitcoin mining is more important than the speed of solving problems, so the speed is self-evident;  Power consumption is directly related to efficiency, which is the problem of cost expenditure;  Stable performance, mainly depends on the stability of the calculation force when the working frequency is unchanged.  

I. What does a Bitcoin mining machine calculate  

From the user's point of view, bitcoin is a mobile app or computer program that provides a personal Bitcoin wallet that the user can use to pay for and receive bitcoin.  This is how bitcoin works for most users.  

Behind the scenes, the entire Bitcoin network shares a common ledger called a blockchain.  This ledger contains each transaction processed, allowing the user's computer to verify the validity of each transaction.  The authenticity of each transaction is protected by an electronic signature corresponding to the sending address, which gives users full control over the bitcoin transferred from their own bitcoin address.  In addition, anyone can use the computing power of specialized hardware to process transactions and earn Bitcoin rewards for doing so.  This service is often referred to as "mining."  

COINS mining has experienced three stages of development, and in the currency was just born, the currency of the price is very low, you just put the COINS as a game, to use their ordinary computers for mining, but with the rise in the price of the currency in 2012, it was found that the graphics card can dig faster, therefore, people begin to buy large amounts of video card together to dig,  Commonly known as "burn graphics card";  The third stage, is known as ASIC mining machine, since Avalon produced the world's first ASIC bitcoin mining machine, bitcoin mining has been completely overturned, mining has become a special professional thing.  

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