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Ant mining machine mute fan

Ant mining machine mute fan

(I) Which is the fan adjustment option of ant mining machine

: Bubble milk powder generally choose home tap water to boil cool to flush, do not choose mineral water, some of the substances contained in it is not suitable for the baby.

(ii) How to repair and maintain the mining machine graphics card fan when it does not work well

The first option is to get a new fan.

The second way is: if the fan is a shaft core, it can be oiled, you can remove it, clean the dust thoroughly, and then drop the right amount of oil in the shaft core of the fan, so that the operation can be normal.

(iii) Can ant mining machine without fans

How to cool the heat without a fan

(iv) How to deal with the noise of bitcoin mining machine

No matter what kind of computer, the noise is basically the fan problem, clean the dust on the fan, really can't change the fan

Shall we remove the fan from the computer

Use your head and know that fans can't mine... The parallel computing capacity of graphics card is strong, and the efficiency of mining is much higher than that of CPU. In the past, many people took graphics card to mine, causing the price of A card to remain high. But now, bitcoin has crashed, what's the point of digging? No one's digging anymore. And later others do not need the graphics card to dig, with specially designed circuit, speed mining machine, graphics card mining even electricity bills are not back.

Vi Mining machine S9 is too noisy, neighbors will complain, how to solve the noise reduction problem

How do you do

What kind of miner are you talking about? Is it the Bitcoin ant miner S9?

If your mining machine is a less ant series mining machine, you can reduce the noise by replacing the fan and appropriately demoting the chip frequency. But it's hard to mute it

If you are large, you can choose professional hosting mine companies for hosting, electricity costs will be cheaper than residents, but also do not need to worry about noise problems, and cause complaints from neighbors

If you need anything, can you send me a private message

(vii) How to deal with noise of ant miner S17

Is it too loud when you first bought it? If not, it may be better if the machine is aging, parts wear out or impurities fall into the machine

(viii) When I bought 10 ant miners on December 5 and my girlfriend kicked them down, will they still be able to repair them

Dear, mafengyi mining machine 3 months after sale, you can free maintenance, replacement oh.

(ix) Ant mining machine cooling and noise reduction. How to reduce temperature through oil cooling or other methods

Mining machine noise is transmitted by sound, it is difficult to deal with, or move to a place less people.

Cooling depends on your scale, we are using good front negative pressure fan and water curtain.

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