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Professional mining server

Professional mining server

(1) Mining is a good cloud server or physical server  

Mining requires a lot of server resources and requires high server configuration.  Physical servers are better.  A cloud server is a sub-server of a physical server.  

(2)Please ask everyone, mining server which is better ah  

Blizzard mining machine line ah, high mining efficiency, high configuration, fast packaging speed  

(3) what server does blockchain use to mine? Can we use cluster servers  

Can be ok, but are generally dug with special mining machine, and CPU mining efficiency is far less than GPU mining  

(4) At present, which is the best server for mining  

Bolonminer mining machine, stable system, can improve work efficiency, high mining efficiency  

(5) Who knows, mining with what server line ah  

(6) Mining generally with a lot of graphics card machine digging, the server is not good, you can use mining machine digging try.  It's not recommended  


⑹ How to use Linux server mining tutorial  


When I woke up this morning, none of the server scripts were started!  It is very strange, remote login server, also be abnormal card, until finally card is dead, have to restart server!  

Start after a short while will change card, more and more card, top view process!  Do not feel strange process, because usually do not often see!  So I don't know what's going on!  Had to go to the group asked, said to be mined to hang the Trojan file, is due to redis loophole!  

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